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*NSYNC - U Drive Me Crazy

JC: "He enjoys seeing people annoyed."

Joey: "Like, we're going up in an elevator and Lance gets out on a lower floor. When the elevator is about to close for me, he puts his hand between the doors so that they can't close. So I press the button, and he puts his hand in again - ten times!"

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JC Chasez performing 'Mysterious Ways' #MickyMouseClub
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MMC Reunion

MMC Reunion

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What Should Lance Bass Do To Raise the $20 Million He Needs To Get to Space?

Mark McGrath: "All he has to do is a one-month tour, and he can generate 20 million bucks. We'll see. You know those N Sync boys can do anything."

Simon Rex: "I'll put $5 in on it."

Tatyana Ali: "Lance should have a live concert in space."

Robert Iler: "He should have a yard sale and sell all of the N Sync clothes."

Jeffrey Ross: "He should sell Justin Timberlake on Ebay. I'm sure he could get that much. I think they should send Bobby Brown into space though, so the could call Whitney and say 'Houston we have a problem.'"

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